Tuesday, July 19, 2005

NC wife sues husband's gay lover

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According to an article on Express Gay News (article), a North Carolina woman has sued the lover of her husband for alienation of affection and "criminal conversation" (according to the article, the term used in "civil lawsuits to refer to sexual intercourse between a defendant and the plaintiff's spouse"). In the lawsuit, Pamela Lavone Putjenter alleges that Stephen Glenn Barefoot of Durham began to "willfully and intentionally seduce, entice and alienate the affections" of her husband, Ronald Joseph Putjenter. Ms. Putjenter claims that her husband admitted to the affair and they have since separated. Mr. Barefoot said of the complaint, "It's news to me." North Carolina is one of only a handful of states which still allow alienation of affection lawsuits. They are rare and suits involving same-sex lovers are even more rare. So here'smy opinion on this whole thing: Since North Carolina has a Defense of Marriage Act which makes it possible to legally recognize only relationships between opposite sex couples, the relationship between Mr. Putjenter and Mr. Barefoot cannot be legally recognized, whether that be in the form of marriage or in the form of an alienation of affection suit. I guess the State and its people should learn that if you want to discriminate, you can't turn around and then say the people who you have discriminated against are equal and should be held to the same standards as yourself. You can't have it both ways. If gay relationships aren't good enough for marriage, then they should not be good enough for alienation of affection cases. We are either all equal or not... I say lets go for the all equal part. Then maybe Ms. Putjenter will be able to fairly sue and hold accountable both her cheating husband and his lover (because it wasn't just the lover who was to blame in this situation, now was it?).


Good point, we are all equal, or we are not.