Thursday, July 21, 2005

Two kids dead... "But the school denies there is a problem"

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According to an article on (article), two students have killed themselves inthe last few weeks. The cause has been blamed on bullying. The first student, 16 year old Karl, was raped by a 23 year old man. He told his secret to a "friend," who then proceeded to tell others at his school. Although he did tell his parents and went to the police with the crime, the taunts and teasing continued at his school where students began to call him "gay." Karl even switched schools, but the taunting followed him. Karl was found dead earlier this month. Two weeks after he died, another student at his most recent high school, Hirst High in Ashingotn, Northumberland, a 15 year old girl killed herself. Again the blame has been put on bullying. And according to the article, "But the school denies there is a problem." ====== I am trying my best to keep cool and not get to overworked and pissed off sitting here at my computer. TWO kids have KILLED THEMSELVES and you DENY there is a problem???!!! What the f*#@ is wrong with people today??? Does the hate for gay people, or people who are just perceived to be, run so deeply that people do not care about the tragic misfortunes of other humans???!!! There is a serious problem here. Two kids dead and the school denies there is a problem. I can only hope that God will open the eyes of these people in Britain and in America and in France and in China and South Africa and Iran and Mexico and Brazil and etc. etc. etc. They are kids for God's sake!!!!!


i like your opinions and views on topics and what not. congratulations you get the lauren seal of approval.
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P.S.: i am also an NC democrat
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