Thursday, August 04, 2005

Gay Blood = Bad Blood ???

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According to an article on, a push has begun in AUstralia to get the Australian Red Cross to rescind its ban against donated blood from gays. Hip Hip Hooray!!! We need something like that in America. There is absolutely no reason for donated blood from gays to be banned. If the Australian and American Red Crosses are worried about HIV/AIDS then they are just stupid! The majority of HIV/AIDS transmissions occur in the heterosexual community, not the homosexual community. On top of that, ALL of the blood donated to the Red Cross is tested for HIV/AIDS and other viruses and potentially harmful germs and viruses anyway. Why is there still a ban against gays if the majority of HIV/AIDS transmissions occur in the heterosexual community and tests are taken on all of the blood: I have an answer for you... Homophobia, Heterosexism, Bigotry, Ignorance & Hate.