Sunday, September 18, 2005

Pope John Paul II's last words detailed in report from the Vatican

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According to an article published on, the last words of Pope John Paul II have been detailed in a Vatican report. According to the report, the Holy Father's last words were, "Let me go to the House of the Lord." The report also says that the Holy Father tried, with great difficulty, to participate in the Mass held at the foot of his bed before he died. According to the article:
The Vatican account describes the pontiff as experiencing various levels of participation in what was going on around him. John Paul’s eyes were practically closed during a Mass celebrated at the foot of his bed in the late afternoon of March 31, the account said. “But at the moment of the consecration, he weakly raised his right hand two times, that is, on the (raising up) of the bread and wine. He made a gesture indicating he was trying to strike his chest during the recitation” of the Lamb of God prayer, the Vatican said.
===== In my honest opinion, Pope John Paul II was the man who defined the Christian religion, and specifically the Catholic Faith, during the 20th century. Many people have asked me why I was so affected by the Holy Father's death and why I cared so much about the Catholic Church even though I am not Catholic. My answer is both very simple and very complicated. I believe in the One Holy catholic and apostolic Church of Christ. That means one thing: Out of all of the churches and denominations, the Body of Christ is One. We all share one cup and one bread. Although I am not Catholic, I recognize the authority of the Pope as a religious leader, even though he is not the religious authority on matters of faith within my particular church, the Church of England. It is my hope that one day, in the future, the Church of Christ will one day come to be united again. The divisions within Christ's Church is something which, in my opinion, Christ never would have wanted or expected. We owe it to Christ to strive toward the day when His Church might one day be unified again. My deep respect and reverence to the Holy Father and to the Catholic Church, despite my not belonging to it, is one small part of striving toward that day.


i listened to you and Daphne tonight on WUAG, good stuff
Thanks... I was only there to support President Villanueva and back her up if there was a question which needed to be more appropriately addressed to me, hence the only reason I was able to speak tonight. LOL. I love how the DJ called myself and Delegate Fischer the "entourage" of the President. LOL.