Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Raibow flag at Duke University dorm raises concerns - draws ire from some dorm residents

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According to an article published on the website of the Duke University student newspaper, The Chronicle, a rainbow flag hung outside of the window of a resident's room in Giles Residence Hall has sparked some controversy at the school. According to the article:
A flag hanging outside a window on Duke’s East Campus prompted heated discussion Monday night after some students in Giles Dormitory expressed concern over the banner and requested its removal. After a closed-door vote, Giles residents decided to keep the rainbow flag outside a resident’s window but alter the way it was hung. Freshman David Thian, who lives on Giles’ second floor above the dorm’s entrance, agreed to let junior Joanna Noble, president of Duke Allies—a student organization affirming lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender students on campus—hang the flag outside his window Sunday in preparation for Coming Out Week.
The students voted to leave the flag but moved it from the outside of the building. The flag is now hanging inside the window. ====== I find it very, very ironic (and somewhat disturbing) that this debate over the rainbow flag is happening on the Duke University East Campus, the same location at which the North Carolina Pride Festival and Parade will take place this Saturday, September 24th. If Duke students are so afraid of rainbow flags and gay people then they had better do one of two things this Saturday:
  • Go as far away as possible from Duke University East Campus; or
  • Get a grip, grow up and accept people for who they are.
You know, the Right Reverend Michael Curry, Bishop of North Carolina had it right when he said this at the first annual PFLAG Winston-Salem Kaliedoscope Banquet:
We are Family... God made us family... You don't have to like me, but you sure do have to love me.