Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Matt appears in Carolinian front page article concerning UNCG PRIDE!'s Coming Out Day

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From The Carolinian (UNCG): PRIDE! members share their "coming out" stories By Elliot Laffey Published: Tuesday, October 18, 2005 On Tuesday, Oct. 4, a lone door stood in a frame near the fountain. It represented the closet door for gay, lesbian, and bisexual students, celebrating National Coming Out Day. But the door in the frame is a light-hearted representation of a national controversy. Two fronts have emerged since the millennium passed, which were nationally covered in an October issue of Time magazine. The first is the steadily increasing gay youth. Its opposite, mostly a Christian movement, is called the ex-gays. Ten years ago, they reported, churches closed their doors to the homosexual world. That was their answer to, as UNCG student Matt Hill said, "the epidemic." Today, however, those doors have opened, and arms are widespread. Hill, describing the ex-gay movement, said, "Their ideology is: being gay is not natural, it is a sin, but not an abomination that can't be changed; homosexuals need healing." Hill, 19, is business manager of PRIDE! and in his second year as a history major. He came out to his mother at age 14, in April 2000. Shortly after, he whispered to his friend in class that he was gay. Though Hill had planned to come out slowly, his friend's reaction was not quiet. A couple days later, the entire middle school knew. Ever since, he has been known for his righteous rallies and outspoken nature. "I've always been outspoken," Hill said. "I was taught to be outspoken in what I believe in. And I stood up for all the people that didn't have a voice." To read the full article, CLICK HERE