Friday, December 23, 2005

Brokeback overload

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From Gay Orbit:
Gay Blogger Alliance for Straight Indifference to Brokeback I am so over Brokeback Mountain. After reading countless reviews, watching the trailer and waiting with anticipation as the film slowly makes its way to my Midwestern city, I am on Brokeback overload. But that, in and of itself, doesn’t explain my frustration - it’s been triggered by something else. Listening to straight pundits reference PC-mania in regards to Brokeback, while using the film as a vehicle through which to express their contempt for “all things gay,” is simply too much to take. Their box office predictions and tirades about anal sex are obnoxious and completely unnecessary. Look, I could really care less if straight men see the film or how the film does at the box office. For goodness sake - it’s an art film, not Titanic! With that being said, I have message for our heterosexual friends from the official headquarters of the Radical Gay Agenda™. We love you. We really do. But please, shut up already:
  • We do not want to convert you or your children. Despite what you think, Brokeback Mountain is not a recruitment tool.
  • There are no queer PC forces checking your wallets for Brokeback ticket stubs.
  • Please stop talking about your aversions to anal sex by referencing Brokeback: we don’t want to hear it.
  • We will not view you as nasty, mean or stupid if you choose not to see Brokeback. If you protest outside the film? Well, that’s another story.
  • In short: we do not care why you do or do not see the film and will not chide you, call you homophobic or laugh at you if you choose not to see it. We just don’t care.
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