Friday, December 23, 2005

Greensboro gay youth

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I often cover many local LGBT issues, events and news, but the majority of those, I have noticed, deal with adult LGBT issues. Every now and then I post about UNCG PRIDE! or QCYNT but I rarely have the chance to post about issues or news of concern to LGBT youth, specifically those youth still in high school. Of course the reason is simple: I'm no longer in high school and I attended high school in Winston-Salem. For any and all LGBT youth who read my blog... feel free to let me know about your issues, your news and your lives. Let me know about what kinds of LGBT issues are of concern to you. Let me know about the events and issues regarding LGBT youth taking placing within your high schools. I will hand it to Greensboro though (and this is one of those things which may contribute to our 'NC gay San Francisco' status): Greensboro schools have been many more times accepting and tolerant of LGBT youth than have the schools in Winston-Salem. Greensboro schools, unlike schools in Winston-Salem, have become more welcoming and accepting places for LGBT students. The Greensboro school board has even placed sexual orientation and gender-identity into the non-discrimination and anti-harassment policies, something which has been a controversy for the past few years in Winston-Salem. Again... I want to let LGBT youth have a voice and I want to let other know about your issues. So let me know and fill me in on the news! I can be reached through email at Technorati Tags: , , , , , ,