Friday, December 23, 2005

Tennyson's gay great-grandson murdered in London

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According to an article published by News, the great-grandson of poet Lord Alfred Tennyson was found murdered this week. Hallam Tennyson, 85, who is gay, was found stabbed to death in his bed. According to the article:
Metropolitan police are seeking the help of London's gay community in finding the killer of 85-year old Hallam Tennyson found stabbed to death in his bed this week. The great-grandson of poet Lord Alfred Tennyson, he was a fixture in the gay community. Openly gay and a peace activist, Hallam Tennyson, despite his age, had a reputation for frequently inviting men he met in London bars back to his home - sometimes as often as three or four times a week. He once boasted that his sexual adventures would have horrified the Victorian Poet Laureate. “Lord Tennyson, my great-grandfather, lived from 1809 to 1892 and would no doubt be absolutely horrified by me,” he wrote in an article seven years ago. “He was a sexual prude, whereas I’ve always been very liberal when it comes to sex.”
Tennyson was found at home by a former lover who has provided a list of men who are thought to have been regular visitors to the home. Police hope the list will help lead them to the murderer. Technorati Tags: , , , ,