Monday, July 11, 2005

Follow Up: "Christians, Christianists & Christianism..."

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A reader of my blog left a couple of comments on here (YAY, my first comments) and on the blog which I had a link to in an entry of mine. Below is an email I sent to him as a follow up: Hi, Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. I have to say that you are the first person to do so since I first starting blogging on last week (Yes, I'm a newbie, I admit it). I read your comments on my blog as well as the blog entry for which I had a link in my entry (my entry: Christians, Christianists & Christianism. It so makes sense.) In your comment on James Rowe Adams blog ( you say that the terms "liberal" and "conservative" Christians seem to work well. For me, they do not. Many of my friends at the University, some of whom are Christian but many of whom aren't, call me a "conservative" Christian because of my supreme allegiance to the traditional Doctrine and practice of the Church (such as that of the Trinity, the Immaculate Conception, Resurrection, Virgin Birth, Salvation, Justification, Absolution, Confession --as in communal confession, I'm Episcopalian/Anglican--, and the traditional order & practice of Church worship services). Doctrinally, I am conservative. I don't like all this new age stuff and I absolutely abhor these new "contemporary" services which do nothing for me but diminish the ultimate and unending magnificence and awesome power and majesty of our Lord and God: The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit. On other issues within the Church, however, people see me as "liberal." The main issue of course is the inclusion of gay and lesbian persons into the Church. I really don't think I fit into either one of the categories of "liberal" or "conservative" Christians. In all reality, I probably fit into both. The problem is that I cannot find people with whom I feel comfortable in sharing my faith in either group. Our world and the beliefs of its people are so various. I think that it is just too difficult and unrealistic to place all of Christ's Church into the categories of "liberal" or "conservative." I'm not attacking your viewpoint. I was just trying to explain why the terms and categories of "liberal" and "conservative" Christians just don't work for me. They probably don't work for a lot of Christians. But remember: No matter what our beliefs within the Church, we are all one, for we share one bread and one cup. Your brother in Christ, MATT HILL