Monday, July 11, 2005

New gay-friendly religious coalition forming in Virginia

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According to Express Gay News (article), a new coalition of gay-friendly and moderates is forming in order to confront the more conservative sides of the Christian Church. "People of Faith for Equality in Virginia" is being organized by clergy, laypeople, community leaders and "strongly spiritual residents," according to the article. North Carolina has its own organization, similar to that in Virginia. The North Carolina Religious Coalition for Marriage Equality has publicly demonstrated against a state consitutional amendment limiting marriage to the union of one mand and one woman in the State of North Carolina and has created a declaration which supportive clergy, laypeople and community members can sign. The declaration is often presented to members of the State Legislature. It is good to know that gay-friendly and moderate religious and spiritual persons are beginning to organize and network amongst themselves. It is too bad that we haven't done this any sooner than now. The Religious Right has been organized for a good two decades or more. There will be a lot of work to be done if we wish to undo the harm caused by them int he past twenty years. The movement to create a more loving, accepting and inclusive church atmosphere and memership is finally starting to gain speed and I so happy to know that it is even occuring in the South, the so-called, "Bible Belt." I send out a very grateful, "Thank you," to all those individuals in and outside of the Christian Church workign to make a difference in our world.