Saturday, July 23, 2005

Two tid-bits: Falwell at Ex-gay Exodus conference and Nobel Peace laureate condemns gay Iranian executions

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On Saturday, the Reverend Jerry Falwell spoke at the 2005 Exodus Conference at the Lifeway Ridgecrest Conference Center, which is owned by the Southern Baptist Convention. I wrote an entry on the conference previously, Western NC Mountains become hotbed of debate concerning gays and religion The article concerning the Reverend Jerry Falwell can be found online on the Asheville Citizen-Times: Falwell encourages ex-gays at Ridgecrest In other news, a Nobel Peace Laureate has condemned the hanging of two gay Iranian teenagers (see my earlier blog post, HRC pushes Secy. Rice to condemn executions of Gay Iranian Teens). According to an article on Express Gay News, news has surfaced that the boys (pictured left) were charged not only with committing homosexual acts but also with raping other boys. The British group, OutRage!, and other gay groups across the globe believe that the rape charges were trumped up in order to decrease public sympathy for the executed teenagers.