Saturday, July 09, 2005

UCC Church vandalized

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Just days after the United Church of Christ voted to endorse marriage equality for same-sex couples, a UCC church in Virginia has been desecrated with anti-gay graffiti and set on fire, according to an article on Express Gay News (article). A message that UCC members were sinners was also left on the outside of St. John's Reformed United Church of Christ. It is a sad, sad day indeed. A Church does not belong to human beings, for it is the house of the Lord. The desecration was most likely performed by someone who probably thinks they are a "true" Christian. I have news for this person, however: You have desecrated a place of worship, a House of the Lord. You have not only sinned against your fellow brethren in Christ, but also against God. No matter our different beliefs, there is one principal which unites all Christians, our devotion and service to Jesus Christ, the Son of the One True God. I find it hard to believe any "God-fearing," "true" Christian could bring themselves to desecrate a place of worship. Shame on you!