Friday, August 05, 2005

Original Copy of Bill of Rights returned to NC

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According to an article published today in The Winston-Salem Journal, North Carolina's original copy of the United States Bill of Rights has been returned to the state after 140 years of being gone. The copy of the Bill of Rights, one of only 14 made by George Washington's clerks, was originally stolen from the State Capitol by a soldier under the command of General William T. Sherman on April 14, 1865. The Bill of Rights was then taken to Ohio and switched hands numerous times before the Federal Government set up a sting to get it back in early 2003. One thing which the article does not mention is the controversy surrounding Tennessee's request to share the document since the State of Tennessee was a part of North Carolina at the time when the copy of the Bill of Rights were made. ====== So, yeah, this has nothing to do with my general rants on religion or gay rights, but I am a history major and a very proud North Carolinian. I thought it was worth mentioning. Picture: Gov. Mike Easley (left) and U.S. Attorney Frank Whitney show off North Carolina's copy of the Bill of Rights, which President George Washington gave to the state in 1789. (AP photo)