Saturday, December 24, 2005

Christmas... A reminder of love & acceptance

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When I first got into the whole having a website for myself thing, I did a little writing for the Christmas and Holiday season and posted it on the site. I've brought it back to post on here and still stand by every word I originally wrote one year ago (except Christ was born 2010 years ago, this year, lol):
Break Forth, O Beauteous, Heavenly Light December 12, 2004 Two thousand nine years ago a little baby was born. To Christians, such as my self, this little baby, born of a virgin and into a life free of sin, is the Saviour Jesus Christ, the Perfect Lamb of God. Now we could get into the scholarly debate on whether or not Christ was actually born in Bethlehem or whether or not a star even existed to lead the supposed Wise Men to Christ, but that is not my concern. My personal belief is that Christ was born in Bethlehem and that, yes, a star did guide the Wise Men to Christ (even though the Bible points out that the Wise Men were not present at the manger scene). That star was created by God, just as everything else in existence was. That beautiful and glorious star shone light throughout the world on that Christmas night and so did the light that came from the host of heavenly angels singing to the shepherds. On that night the angels sang one of the most beautiful songs that humans might have ever heard and might never hear again: “Gloria in excelsis Deo et in terra pax hominibus bonae voluntatis,” that is “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, goodwill among people.” The question that I put forth is that why, in the two thousand nine years since the angels sang that song, have humans yet to fulfill its message of hope, peace and goodwill. Why has humanity not come to that ultimate epitome of goodwill toward men? More importantly, we have we not come to extend God’s goodwill to ALL of His children? As Christ grew to adulthood and as He started His ministry, the most important message that he extended to the people of His time was one of love, forgiveness acceptance. He turned no one away and he showed immeasurable and unconditional love to even the most sinful people. Humans, specifically Christians, have failed to live up to their most ultimate goal: to live as Christ lived, to love as Christ loved and to forgive as Christ forgave. As we enter this Christmas season my hope is that somehow, someway we will be able to come closer to proclaiming God’s peace on earth and God’s love to all. I say, “Break forth, O beauteous, heavenly light” and let all people know that God does indeed love them and may God help as all to remember that we are all made in His image and created as His children. Let us love one another as He Himself loved us.
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone! I'll post again tomorrow, but for now I think I'll go hang out with my family before Mass tonight!