Monday, January 23, 2006

'Will & Grace' cancelled by NBC

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According to an article published by United Press International, NBC has cancelled "Will and Grace", a sitcom surrounding two gay men and their two female friends. According to the article:
The Emmy-winning comedy series "Will & Grace" will finish its eight-year run on NBC in May, the network announced Sunday. NBC Entertainment President Kevin Reilly said the show will wrap up on May 18, with an hourlong retrospective, followed by a one-hour series finale. "It is a bittersweet moment for all of us at NBC to confirm that this will be the final season of the comedy 'Will & Grace,'" said Reilly. "Will & Grace" has been nominated for 73 Emmys, 27 Golden Globes, 19 Screen Actors Guild Awards and 12 People's Choice Awards. It has won 14 Emmys -- including best comedy series in 2000.
"Will and Grace" was, indeed, a groundbreaking show when it first came to television. Despite what many would have thought, "Will and Grace" reached out to millions of Americans: both gay and straight, liberal and conservative, religious and non-religious. A few years ago a few reports even claimed truck drivers loved the show. "Will and Grace" will definitely be missed but it did its job while it was here: promoting equality and acceptance. Technorati Tags: , , ,